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A Christadelphian Lifts The Curse. Writer, Ernest Brady. This booklet was written in 1957 in response to two articles, one appearing in the “Logos” magazine and the other published by “The Remnant.” Both groups “terrified at the thought of Jesus as a substitute.”
A Collection of the Evidence for and against the traditional wording of the baptismal phrase of Matthew 28:19. Writer, A Ploughman. From the evidence put forward the reader may judge for him or herself which phrase was written by Matthew, whether to baptize “in the name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Ghost,” or “in my name.” Which did Jesus command? We feel the answer is important.
A Few Thoughts on The Lord's Prayer. Writer, Russell Gregory. The disciples did well in asking Jesus to teach them to pray for we have been given the most wonderful and concise prayer of all time. How could such a short prayer contain so much?
A Jew Accepts Jesus. Writer, Leopold Dreifuss. Leo Dreifuss as a teenage boy came to England in 1939 to escape the persecution in Germany. He lived with a Christadelphian couple who welcomed him into their home as their son. After a few years this small family became unhappy with some of the doctrines they heard and researched the scriptures for themselves. This booklet by Leo sets out his understanding of the gospel and explains very clearly the need for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Alive in Christ Jesus. Writer, F.J.Pearce. Three articles entitled, “Scripture Teaching On Death” – “Legally Dead to Sin - Legally Alive to Christ” – “In Adam and In Christ.”
Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver. Writer, F.J. Pearce. This booklet contains a collection of Christadelphian statements which, had they been taken to their logical conclusion, would have prevented the many divisions in that community and even now could bring about the harmony amongst them. This would also result in a more brotherly spirit to those outside, “so that the love of God in Christ would not fail in its manifestation, both in preaching the Gospel of Christ and in our manner of living as a labour of love.”
A Ransom For All. Writer H. Taberner. If the punishment for Adam’s sin was natural death, i.e. the death he and all his descendants die normally at the end of their life, there would appear to be no point in God using the same threat again to any other of Adam’s race, seeing they would die naturally in any case. Yet in the 20th chapter of Genesis there is a record of the use of identical words by God to Abimelech. They are in the 7th verse and read: “Now therefore restore the man his wife; for he is a prophet, and shall pray for thee, and thou shalt live: and if thou restore her not, know that thou shalt surely die (dying thou shalt die), thou and all that are thine.” Abimelech certainly did not think that this meant that he would die eventually at the end of his natural life, but that he would come to an untimely end unless he did as he was told.
A Reason For The Hope That Is In Us. This booklet has been compiled at the request of those who wish to see an overall view of the things we believe and teach. The Questions and Answers layout has been chosen in order to give readers a brief outline of our answers to 12 questions. Compact yet comprehensive.
A Review of “Life and Death – The Consequences of Adam’s Sin and Their removal in Christ”. Writer, Eric Cave. Being an analysis of Brother Chris Maddocks' series published in “The Testimony” magazine, June to September 1999, together with correspondence between Eric Cave and The Editor. This revision contains a follow-on Editorial from A. Benson and a further letter in response to it by Eric Cave. A reply concludes the booklet.
A Review of The Slain Lamb - Writer, F.J.Pearce.In his lecture entitled “The Slain Lamb”, Robert Roberts fails to overthrow Edward Turney’s lecture on “The Sacrifice of Christ” and indeed it is difficult to find anywhere he actually confronts the arguments put forward.
An Examination of the Christadelphian Experience.True Bible teaching does not come all at once to anyone, "For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little." (Isaiah 28:10). Over the years Dr Thomas changed his mind many times but his last change was a few years before he died when he revised his understanding of the nature of mankind but Robert Roberts refused to accept it. How different would the Christadelphian group be had they listened! But it was not to be.
An Exposition of The Sacrifice of Christ.This is an abridged version of Edward Turney's "Sacrifice of Christ" in which every endeavour has been made to keep his teaching intact and his testimony of Scripture unassailable.
Behold The Man - Behold What Manner of Love. Writer, Phil Parry. No Scripture allows Jesus to be man's Representative. He was His Father's Representative; the Word made flesh - "I and my Father are one" "I am in the Father and the Father in me" "He that cometh from heaven is above all. And what he hath seen and heard, that he testifieth..."
Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit - Who Is Guilty? Writer, Phil Parry. We can, of course, only find the answer to this question through a study of the Scriptures – but what do we find?
"By Man Came Death" - What Death? Writer, Phil Parry. "I thank God I am wise now to the Apostle's teaching of the Federal Principle which in Romans 5 makes things so clear which at one time seemed confusing." - the Author.
Carterdelphia. Writer, Ernest Brady. It is the tragedy of the community Dr Thomas founded, that alone among the Christian sects with a true understanding of the Hope of Israel, they have never been able to deliver themselves from the palpable error that Sin became a fixed principle in human flesh and the ultimate cause of a death-stricken and defiled condition which involved the Saviour Himself. In a legacy of riches beyond price this one spurious element has cankered the whole and will finally reduce its adherents to spiritual poverty.
Christadelphian Crisis 1965 Writer, Ernest Brady. A booklet drawing attention to the contrast between the surpassing beauty, logic and simplicity of the true Gospel and the labyrinths of unreason into which Christadelphian writers will go rather than confess themselves in error.
Christadelphians - Their Dilemma Exposed. Writer, Ernest Brady. The dilemma which has faced Christadelphia for the past hundred years has been how to teach Bible truths while upholding the Statement of Faith. Those who have dared to challenge it have been met with unchristian response. This little booklet follows the experience of a few such people and provides the only answer.
“Christ’s Death and Your Salvation.” Writer, Ernest Brady. H.P.Mansfield. the late editor of the Logos magazine considered sin to be “an incurable disease with which all are invariably infected.” In this booklet, Ernest Brady, reasoning from Scripture, leaves the reader in no doubt as to the error of such belief.
Come Now, Let Us Reason Together saith the Lord. Writer, Helen Brady. A brief comparison between the teachings of the Christadelphians and the Nazarene Fellowship.
Comments On Some Christadelphian Writings. While Christadelphians are considered by many to be foremost of all sects in their study of prophecy and have a deep realization of pending world events as we approach the coming of Christ to reign over this troubled world, yet they have some mystifying, even absurd doctrinal beliefs which are an affront to intelligent faith and are here dealt with in a manner consistent with Bible teaching and common sense as one should expect when coming to God who invites us to "Come now, and let us reason together." (Isaiah 1:18).
Correspondence Between Dr John Thomas and Lancelot Burrus. On a number of occasions Dr Thomas stated that there was no physical change in the nature of Adam and Eve at the “Fall.” We are grateful to a Christadelphian friend for locating an early reference to this matter in the correspondence section in “The Herald of The Kingdom and Age to Come” for July 1855.
Doctored Christadelphianism. Writer, Ernest Brady. “Many are now willing to recognize the validity of this reasoning (the need to comply with Law) and can see that if Jesus’ death was in any sense a true sacrifice, the conditions which apply to Him ought to correspond with those applying to the sin-offerings under the Law. The tragedy is that their responsible leaders are preventing those who might from opening their minds to the light by constant reiteration of the old errors in new ways and the threat of what will happen to anyone who does not uphold the B.A.S.F.” See page 5.
Eight Bible Essays by various writers Setting out the Gospel message. A second reading of the Foreword is recommended.
Ernest Brady to Christadelphian Ecclesia, Sydney, NSW. The Central Standing Committee, issued a “Statement for Consideration” in 1968 and Ernest Brady was sent a copy by a reader asking for his comments.
"For The Wages of Sin Is Death" But... Writer, Phil Parry. The Almost universally held belief of Christendom is that the common natural death is the penalty for sin passed down from Adam. Mr Parry shows this understanding to be out of harmony with Scripture.
For What The Law Could Not Do... Writer, F.J.Pearce. We ask you, while considering this article, to compare scripture with scripture and see if a more loving and harmonious plan of God's redemption of man can be scripturally found.
Freedom or Bondage Writer, G. Reeves. We are grateful to a Christadelphian friend who found this booklet in the Birmingham Reference Library in 1997. Apparently, it had been unknown in Nazarene Fellowship circles for perhaps 50 years or more and so we were delighted to be able to reprint it. C.C.Walker didn’t believe the elect are to be raised incorruptible and sets out to prove they will be raised mortal. This little booklet points to many scripture texts which show C.C.Walker to be astray in his understanding.
From Eden to Gethsemane. Writer, Andrew Wilson. The editor of “The Fraternal Visitor” writes, “Very loose talk has been indulged in to the effect that Jesus was possessed of an unforfeited or free life, in contrast to the life of other men which is said to be forfeited. This is language foreign to Scripture” We are pleased the editor has expressed himself so fully as it enables us at once to prescribe for his perplexity.
Heresy or Truth. Which? Writer, E.Parker. If anyone doubts that Jesus Christ had a "Free Life" then let them refute what Mr Parker has to say here. Mr Parker's arguments regarding "Changed Flesh" and "Substitution" are incontrovertible.
How Are The Dead Raised? Writer, William Laing. Ever since "Anastasis" was published, the Christadelphians have demanded of applicants for baptism, and also for "fellowship" that they believe in the doctrine therein taught by Dr Thomas - that the righteous are to be "raised mortal" at the coming of Christ. It therefore behoves all of that way of thinking, who may happen to see this examination of it, to enter a defence of their action.
How many 'Deaths' Are There? Writer, Phil Parry. These are dealt with under five headings, "Legal or Judicial death," "Dead in Trespasses and Sins," "Natural Death," "Symbolic Death" and "The Second Death."
“I Can’t understand.” Writer, Ernest Brady. This pamphlet gives an easy to follow reason for the crucifixion of Jesus, using Scripture teachings in contrast to the assertions of the Christadelphian Statement of Faith.
Islip Collyer and the Heretics. Writer, Ernest Brady. Throughout the Christian era there may have been individuals, but there has never been a community who understood the Atonement; the truth about it was known and preached in apostolic days, but it seems to have been the first part of the truth to be lost and it is therefore not altogether strange that it should be the last to be rediscovered. Glimpses of it have been caught and expressed from time to time and various students, many of them Christadelphians, have in recent years seen the light but they have never been able to convince their communities.
“It Is Finished” - Jesus Christ on the Cross. “He Merely Suffered Death” - John Carter. Writer, Ernest Brady “There was a time when we should have trembled to enter the lists against the champions of the Christadelphian camp but a few experiences of their battle strategy… have given us a poor impression of either their mettle or their weapons and so long as we see neither an inclination to examine our contentions in an honest and brotherly spirit nor a capacity to refute them by Scripture or reason they need anticipate no decline in our boldness.” See page 19.
Jesus At The Bar. Writer, Andrew Wilson. “We have endeavoured to emphasise… that absurd confounding of flesh with the person composed thereof, occurring in Christadelphian teaching and doctrine.” - Lena Wilson.
Jesus My Substitute. Writer, Andrew Wilson. “On perceiving for the first time the simple and satisfying understanding of the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ which is possible when the false doctrines of Sinful Flesh and Original Sin have been renounced, many people express astonishment that such explanations have only recently come to light. Were it even so it would be no reflection upon the intrinsic value of the truths involved; but the fact is that they have been steadily and patiently advocated by a despised minority during almost the whole history of Christianity…”
Life By Law and By Grace. Writer, F.C. Maycock. To what extremes will prominent Christadelphians go in order to uphold their doctrines? This booklet reviews two articles in which the author misapplies Scripture with the inevitable results of making the word of God of non-effect.
Made a Curse for Us. Writer, F.C. Maycock replies to an article in the Christadelphian magazine. The article sets out to prove that being of supposed sinful flesh, Jesus was by nature condemned by the Law and therefore under God's curse, and that His death upon the Cross was the execution of that curse.
'Mortal' and 'Immortal'. Writers, A & L Wilson. It is hoped that this booklet will help our understanding of how these words are used in Scripture as distinct from common usage
“Musings on Creation” Writer, Eric Cave. This booklet gives us “Further Thoughts on Genesis chapters 1 to 4” and is “in the nature of a sequel to “The Divine Plan - A Reappraisal of Some Christadelphian Traditions” which was first distributed to fellow Christadelphians by this Writer in 1998.
My Life For The Sheep. Writers, F.J. Pearce and Ernest Brady. Comprehensive treatise in nine parts in which Ernest Brady considers Christadelphian teachings.
Natural Death and Judicial Death. Writer, Phil Parry. This commentary by Phil Parry reveals the many flaws in Peter Watkin’s article on "The Cross of Christ – Bible Teaching About Redemption”
Open Letter to Sutton Coldfield Christadelphians. Writer, Russell Gregory. In attending a Christadelphian seminar on “Reading the Bible Effectively” I was given a warm welcome even though I had been disfellowshipped and I was able to freely join in discussion and observations. Only when someone from another ecclesia came to speak was there any ill-feeling. However, after the seminar was ended I felt constrained to write this open letter and send to each member of the ecclesia.
Opposing the Doctrine of Original Sin. Writer, Russell Gregory. The purpose of this article is to show that there was no change in the physical flesh of Adam and Eve which this Doctrine attributes to them as a result of their transgression in Eden.
Outrage On Justice. Writer, Ernest Brady. This booklet refers to events around the time of the reunion of Temperance Hall and Suffolk Street Christadelphians in 1957. At that time it was said that they were determined never to have another division but this very fact alone was said by some to be contrary to original Christadelphian principles - so they broke away and called themselves “The Old Paths” Christadelphians! Then there were others who spoke openly in contradiction to some of the claims of Robert Roberts in “The Slain Lamb” resulting in endless arguments and counter arguments till Ernest Brady asks, on page 16, “Is it worthwhile?”
Present Forgiveness Of Sins and Immortal Resurrection of The Righteous. Writer, Wm. Richmond. C.C.Walker like Robert Roberts before him faced the impossible task of finding scriptural support for his teaching of a mortal resurrection followed by a Judgment to decide who was worthy of having their sins forgiven them and so obtain immortality. The more our opponents dig and delve into doubtful doctrines in their attempt to overthrow our understanding the worse their position becomes. Wm Richmond positively secures scripture teaching against all-comers.
Progressive Revelations as to The Millennium, The Resurrection and The Judgment. Writer, H.Gratten-Guiness. D.D. Quote taken from page 19: - "We conclude therefore that these two judgments cannot be the same... Judgment will be no more simultaneous than resurrection; both will take place at two grand epochs... the former will be a resurrection and judgment to life, the latter a resurrection and judgment unto condemnation. Whence then has arisen the exceeding prevalent opinion to the contrary? From the smallness of the finite mind that comprehends with difficulty the vast, far-reaching and complete designs of the Infinite, from the lack in us of the patient continuance of searching the Scriptures, from the irreverent neglect with which the last prophecy of the Bible is too often treated and from not giving it, even when studied, its due authority."
Raised to Life. Writer, Phil Parry. This article was written in response to “Raised To Judgment” by the Editor of The Christadelphian Magazine and shows how Christadelphians tied to the Statement of Faith cannot accept Scripture teaching concerning those who have died in faith, that they shall be raised incorruptible. Their judgment was settled during their lifetime and their names entered in The Book of Life.
Recognition – By Whom? Writer, Ernest Brady. Written in 1965 this short article by Brother Ernest Brady questions the wisdom of seeking union between various factions of Christadelphia on the basis of a man-made statement of faith which was the cause of the divisions in the first place. The steering committee said, “we must avoid things that make for disunity, contentions and strifes about words, but we also have a duty to protest against error.” While a committee can agree to this, what of those, outside of the committee, who also have a duty to protest against errors?
Sacrifice. This article was written by a Bible Student who recognised that Jesus was not in any way defiled and who sought to help his community to a better understanding of the purpose of God in sending His only Begotten Son into the world.
The Atonement. Writer, Ernest Brady. A simple, straightforward and scriptural explanation of the Atonement which takes in all Bible facts and presents them fairly and in an easily understood way so that a child can see the truth of it.
The Atonement X-Rayed. Writer, Andrew Wilson. This was written in the 1930’s by Andrew Wilson in response to C.C.Walker’s publication setting out the Christadelphian understanding of The Atonement. Due to the restraints imposed by the B.A.S.F. it is not possible for Christadelphians to preach the true reason and purpose for the Sacrifice of Christ, nor is it possible for them to understand the true reason and purpose for baptism. In his inimitable style, Brother Andrew Wilson has provided us with compelling Bible answers to both matters.
The BASF Handbook for Christadelphians. Writer, Eric Cave. Facts and opinions from past and present Christadelphians assembled for the information of many at the request of a few. The Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith has been described as the glue which holds together the disparate sections of the Christadelphian communities, the many scores of ecclesias which the Central fellowship like to call “spiritual Israel. In view of the apostolic command to “be of one mind” it would appear that the glue is of doubtful quality.
The Church of The Living God."The church" in the Bible never refers to a building in which people meet for worship. It refers to a group of people, large or small who have met together in Jesu's Name for the worship, of the Father and the Son as set out in His teachings and those of the Apostles.
The Covenants of Promise. Writer, Ray Gregory. When we use the word 'covenant' it is possible we may think of an agreement between two parties, perhaps looking for a shared responsibility or at least a degree of mutual benefit, but in the Scriptures, God's covenants are the action of a sovereign God bestowing on His people a measure of grace according to their need.
The Gospel As We Understand It. Writer, Ernest Brady. A small pamphlet under three headings - "The Things Concerning The Kingdom of God," "The Things Concerning The Name of Jesus Christ" and "Things We Do Not Believe."
The Gospel in The Scriptures. Writer, Phil Parry. We have portrayed before us in Scripture, two Federal Heads, Adam and Jesus. Adam, the progenitor of the natural human race sold under sin, and Jesus, a new man, and beginning of a spiritual people who have symbolically died to Adamic federally imputed sin, through baptism into Jesus' death and risen to newness of life in Him. First that which is natural, afterward that which is spiritual.
The Gospel That Is Never Preached. Writer, Ernest Brady. A lucid and common-sense explanation of the work of God in His Son.
The Great Mystery of The Christian Religion. Writer, Ernest Brady. It is clear that Jesus Himself saw His death as a sacrifice which He would make on behalf of His friends. How did He know this? What does it mean, and why did He make no attempt to avoid the awful ordeal He saw before Him? No believer can doubt that His death was in some way essential to salvation and yet no one appears really to know why it was necessary... What is the connection between Jesus dying on the Cross and our salvation?
The Lamb Of God. Writer, Andrew Wilson. Andrew Wilson was a Scotsman, and, with a ready speech that flows free to the heart of the matter at every beat, he spares no one in his quest for Bible truth.
The Last Understanding of Dr John Thomas. It is evident that about five years before he died Dr Thomas changed his beliefs regarding Jesus Christ. He no longer believed He had a condemned nature and did not therefore die for Himself. This change of view seems never to have been picked up by Christadelphians and yet it is there.
The Norris Confession. Writer, Ernest Brady. This is not simply another attempt to combat a system of belief with which we profoundly disagree, but a sincere appeal to all who hope to be justified at the coming of the Lord to consider earnestly the horrible monstrosity which has been presented as the purpose of God when He entrusted to His own Son the salvation of man.
The Question Christadelphians Cannot Answer. Writer, Ernest Brady. Why did Jesus die? Robert Roberts explanation is that - “It pleased God to require the ceremonial condemnation of this sin-nature in crucifixion in the person of a righteous possessor of it, as the basis of our forgiveness.” The writer cannot conceive how an intelligent body of people can ever have countenanced the awful implications of this statement and explains a reasonable logical Biblical answer.
The Resurrection and Judgment of the Saints. Writer, William Richmond. "I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness" It would not be much satisfaction to awake in a corruptible nature - such is the lot of the unfaithful in order that that may reap corruption.
The Sacrifice of Christ. Writer, Edward Turney.This is Edward Turney’s lecture in 1873 which so upset Robert Roberts who wrote “The Slain Lamb” in reply. “The Slain Lamb” has been recommended reading amongst Christadelphians ever since. The few who have read “The Sacrifice of Christ” will see that Edward Turney’s views are not countered in any way.
The Slain Lamb Dissected. Writer, Edward Turney. This is Edward Turney’s response to Robert Roberts reply.
The Two Sons of God. Writer, Edward Turney A more comprehensive work explaining the writer’s understanding of a wide range of scripture matters.
The Usage and Meaning of "Muth Temuth" and "B'Yom. Writer, A. Broughton with additions by others. "for in the day (b'yom) that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die (muth temuth)." The right understanding of Genesis 2:17 is necessary in order to understand all that follows.
The Work of God in Christ. Writer, O.E.H.Gregory. "It is well nigh impossible for us to entertain any hope of eternal life without an understanding and appreciation of the scriptural teaching of the Atonement. Of all the teaching contained in Scripture the understanding of this subject carries more influence upon the character than any other."
Thinking It Over. Writer, Ernest Brady. When once the true facts are accepted - that Jesus was giving His life to pay our debt, not that God was punishing Him instead of us - then substitution takes on a different aspect entirely and instead of being the bogey word of pharisaic self-righteousness it is seen as the simple but all-sufficient truth.
To The Law and To The Testimony. Compiled by Andrew Wilson. In which we challenge Christadelphians to produce a single passage of Scripture which proves any of the following teachings: -
That the nature of Adam was changed after he sinned.
That Jesus Christ was sinful flesh.
That Jesus had to die to redeem Himself.
That we do not know whether our sins are forgiven.
Too True To Be New. Writer, Ernest Brady. An appeal to Scripture, history and reason, to correct a far-reaching error in Christadelphian doctrine, also to make good the deficiencies in an address by L.C.Jennings at the Mutual Improvement Societies conference, Midland Institute, Birmingham, on “The Lord Jesus – that Great Shepherd of the Sheep.”
Understanding The Sacrifice of Christ. Writer, Russell Gregory. This article first published in 1998 in the Nazarene Fellowship magazine was written in answer to several requests for a simple, straight-forward expression of the views of the Nazarene Fellowship.
Was Jesus The Son Of Adam? Writer, Ernest Brady. As we expect from this writer, we find here a well-reasoned answer from Scripture, for while the questioner, H.C.Gates, does not agree with standard Christadelphian teaching he nevertheless is reluctant to consider Jesus to be free from Adamic Condemnation.
What God Hath Cleansed. Writer, Ernest Brady. In 40 pages this work sets out in detail the truth about “clean flesh”; the things that as Nazarenes we are accused wrongly of believing and the things we actually and fervently believe to be the truth. It, is an overall study of the views, which through many vicissitudes, we have come to know are scriptural truths that are self-evident to the unbiased and discerning Bible reader. It is a commendable and lucid piece of work that is worth reading carefully.
Who Killed Jesus Christ. This is an account of the reasons for Jesus accepting His crucifiction.
Why Jesus Christ Chose To Die. Writer, Russell Gregory. Here the writer explains his view of the atonement and what it means to us.
Wrested Scripture Straightened Out. Writer, A.H.Broughton. “For He hath made Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.” - 2 Corinthians 5:21. This passage of Scripture is one of those which are seriously wrested from their context and from their true sense, and made to support an idea that is very God-dishonouring. Let us therefore consider this passage.
You Can Burn This in Ten Seconds. Writer, Ernest Brady. Revealing some inconsistencies in Christadelphian preaching, while they supress our views and give false reports about us.

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